Are you looking for a partner for the deployment of motivated staff for your business? Then Pollux is the expert partner you are looking for. With our high delivery reliability, we deliver the right people at any time. Whether it’s ad hoc applications or additional help during a project, busy period or for a long period of time. Pollux offers the desired solution for your organization.

Through a comprehensive recruitment process and our many years of experience in various industries, we have a large pool of motivated and qualified staff, mostly of Polish origin. If you are looking for a group of workers for the short term, Pollux is able to deliver this group. That’s our strength! Of course, we would be glad to think about your long-term staffing needs as well.

We also like to emphasize that compliance with legislation and regulations ensures that the quality of our business is extremely high. For us, it is therefore obvious to have all certifications in order, which results in a reliable partner for your organization.

Business Services

Pollux offers a complete package of business services. We will help you by taking responsibility for a lot of work. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Looking for staff?

Are you looking for staff and you want to use temporary workers when you need them? Contact one of our qualified account managers and get more information about the possibilities for you and your organization. We are happy to talk with you.

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Pollux helps organizations when they need extra capacity and temporary workers. Pollux also helps temporary workers to find a suitable job for them. We are making the perfect match between employee and employer. Our employees must qualify to strict qualifications, such as education, training, experience and language proficiency. These qualifications determine the branches in which they will be able to work.

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Customer portal Pollux

For the recruitment of staff, to view employee data and change working hours go to our customer portal. You can arrange everything within a few clicks. Easy management for your business, accurately and quickly.

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