As a packer you work on the packaging line where you work with cheese products. 

As a packer you work on the packaging line where you work with cheese products. Thanks to you and your colleagues, the production process runs smoothly. You will work for this customer in 3 shifts.




Your new job
As a packer, you cut cheese, pack it and ensure that the cheese is provided with the correct label. When the label is on, place the cheese in a box. When the pallet is full of boxes, you move the pallet using a pallet truck.

At this customer you work in 3 shifts. The first shift starts at 06:00 – 14:00, the second shift is from 14:00 – 22:00 and the last shift is from 22:00 – 06:00.

Your average working day looks like this:

  • you start your working day on the packaging line;
  • you package various types of cheese together with your colleagues;
  • at the end of your shift, make sure the packing line is clean and tidy so that the next shift can begin.


Be mediated by Pollux
A job that suits what you want and what you can do. That's what we help you with. And we have been doing this since 2005. With our head office in Roosendaal and various offices in Europe, we are ready every day. Let's discover together what the possibilities are for you.

Why you want to choose Pollux:

  • Applying yourself is not necessary, we will introduce you to your new employer.
  • you have 1 permanent contact person who is always easily accessible.
  • respect for everyone is our code word.
  • you are central and this appreciation is noticeable.
  • your well-being is our concern.


About you
Whoever you are, regardless of your origin or age, you are welcome in our team. For this packer position:

  • do you speak English.


Your dose of working conditions
Work hard, play hard and we reward that! That is why we offer you for this position:

  • a gross hourly wage of € 11.87.
  • shift allowance of 9,88%.
  • a safe working environment.
  • the possibility for housing and transport.