Warehouse employee/order pick food sector

Warehouse employee/order pick food sector

As a warehouse employee you are involved in completing, checking and registering orders.

Working via Pollux has a number of advantages:
• Our intermediary will introduce you to the client, he / she will always remain your contact person;
• We are available 24/7 for emergencies;
• Possibility of training;
• Pleasant working environment.

As a warehouse employee you are involved in completing, checking and registering orders. In addition, you unload and load goods, advise on deliveries and logistics activities and make planning for warehouse space and goods distribution. You work together with other departments of the company, such as production, shipping and the purchasing department. Finally, check your goods before shipping.

  • Knowledge of the English or Dutch language is an advantage;
  • Handling warehouse equipment such as a forklift is a plus.

The client offers a wide range of meat products, such as cooked meat products, fresh meat preparations, minced meat preparations and barbecue. In addition, there are various packing options.

You will work in a large warehouse in Best. The warehouse is still under development. Because you work with meat, the temperature in the warehouse is +2 degrees Celsius. The customer provides warm clothing. In addition, as a warehouse employee you never stand still, so you will not get cold!

In the canteen you can use the refrigerators, ovens and soup and coffee machines. In addition, there is fresh fruit every day.

Your salary as a warehouse worker is € 11,03

There is a cold surcharge in almost all departments, with the exception of the facilities department. This means that you will receive an extra € 1.96 gross per day, with a maximum of € 9.80 gross per week.

Working for this client in some cases entitles you to an allowance:
Overtime after 9 hours a day and 38 hours a week.

Overtime for the first 2 hours per week                                              25% 
Overtime subsequent hours per week                                               50%
Overtime work for the first 2 hours on a day off (6th / 7th day)          50%
Overtime subsequent hours on the day off                                      100%
Monday - Saturday between 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.                                    30%
Monday - Saturday between 10pm - 6am                                          50%
Sundays and holidays                                                                      100%

The travel costs are € 0.15 per kilometer. No compensation will be paid for a single journey distance of 10 km. There is a maximum amount of € 16.50 per day.

You work in 2 shifts, from Monday to Saturday. Working hours are flexible. The schedule is always announced a week in advance.

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