Looking for good employees? We will find the right employees for you!

Looking for good employees?

Every employer wants qualified and reliable employees. With our experience since 2005, our extensive network in European countries and our tailor-made recruitment and selection procedure, we will find the optimal solution for you. Hard-working employees you can rely on. Let us know who you are looking for and we will find the right person!

We are Pollux

no-nonsense: understandable for everyone

you are at the centre: recognition must be felt.

boundless and pioneering: thinking in terms of possibilities and taking the initiative.

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always the right employee(s)

engaging quickly when needed, solving problems together where possible.

a reliable partner since 2005.

I really enjoy working at Pollux, it is a reliable work agency and they are always available to help. Another thing that I really admire is the respect and attention they have for the workers.

NAME, FUNCTION, work for Pollux since YEAR.

Support for staff flexibilisation

We support companies, entrepreneurs and organisations to optimally replenish their workforce. Our temporary employees work in a variety of industries. For example, but not limited to, in logistics, manufacturing, the technical industry, food services and hospitality. With a wide pool of candidates and the expertise of thousands of existing employees, we are ready to offer the right people at the right time. Professional staff, selected based on your wishes. And unexpected increases in workload or seasonal work are no problem.

Tailor-made work through labour pool management

Busy period? Have you taken on a big new project? Or do you need people for a longer period? We can respond to any need. Responding quickly and efficiently is in our DNA. In addition, we like to think with you about your staffing needs over the long term. Thanks to our advanced labour pool management, we will organise your staff in such a way that they fit perfectly into your business. You no longer have to worry about flexibility, availability and efficiency.

Reliability, safety and quality

We maintain the quality of our operations at a very high level through strict adherence to laws and regulations. Reliability, safety and quality can only be offered with the right preconditions and facilities. This is why we consider certification to be of the utmost importance, as well as good accessibility. In case of emergency, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let us get acquainted!

Curious about how your staffing problem can be solved? Let us know and tell us your story. Then we'll look for expert staff who can strengthen your business.