Seasonal workers

During the (school) holiday periods, there is a greater demand for temporary workers to replace the permanent staff. In addition, there is a temporary need for additional staff in the busy months of summer. Together with the client, the needs of seasonal forces are taken into account well timed, and Pollux ensures completion.

Our season workers provides you with fast delivery, continuity, flexibility and productivity in practice. During the holiday periods, many (international) students are available. Quickly incorporated, very widely deployable, flexible and available throughout the summer period. These are the benefits and the convenience of our seasonal workers. Pollux has a large database of candidates, so you can quickly have enough (international) student-workers with the desired level of education.


Students are used to learn new information and knowledge frequently and they convert them into actions. This will translate into your business in a short turnaround and thus fast return. An additional advantage is that your own employees need less time to spend on the workflow process. In addition, they often speak multiple languages ​​and are used to working with automated systems.


Also, at very sharp payroll rates, you can have your recruited seasonal workers paid out through Pollux. We will take complete care of paying-out your seasonal workers on a weekly basis, in accordance with all laws and regulations of the country they work.

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