Pollux is used to working with short cycling schedules and fluctuating application patterns. Do you need 1, 10 or 100 candidates? We will arrange it for you! Our advanced planning software combines the availability of candidates effectively with your needs. Within our customer portal, you can view the status of you application in real-time at any time.

Setting up, managing and implementing a pool requires organization, coordination and a very thorough and structured communication process, as well as knowledge and commitment with our candidates. By working with a pool (for certain functions such as dischargers) you will always have sufficiently integrated candidates, ensuring continuity and productivity.

Poolmanagement via Pollux guarantees you: fast delivery, continuity, flexibility and productivity. Pollux has a large database of candidates so you can quickly have enough (well instructed) temporary workers.

Our candidates can be used for your basic planning, but also in the event of calamities, extra hassle and in case of sickness or vacation of your permanent employees. Speed of delivery is paramount. This means that we will be able to provide your entire flexible staffing schedule quickly and appropriately, both at ad hoc and at peak times.

If we promise to deliver 100% then we also deliver 100%. You can count on us!

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