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Working in the Netherlands

As a resident of Europe you have the opportunity to work in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has its own rules and laws. This can vary with the rules and laws in your country. That is why it is important to learn more about working in the Netherlands. You can read more about this in this blog.

What should I take into account?

If you are going to work in the Netherlands, you must ensure that you have a valid proof of identity. This identity document must be undamaged, so a broken identity card is not valid. A proof of identity is necessary because you have to be able to identify yourself in the Netherlands at all times, on the work floor and in public places.

As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands there are several things to do and to take into account:

  • A Social Security number: Pollux can assist you in applying for a social security number at the RNI.
  • Health insurance: everyone living in the Netherlands must must have health insurance. Pollux has a health insurance for all employees. Every employee can make use of this, but it is also possible have your own health insurance.
  • Dutch culture and society may vary with what you are used to. On our Facebook page we regularly share facts about Dutch culture. Follow us and find out more about the Netherlands and keep yourself informed of all Pollux news.
  • Keep in mind that the laws and regulations relating to work in the Netherlands can be different. As soon as you come to work via Pollux you will receive a welcome booklet with all the information about the work and the legislation.

By thinking about the above subjects in advance, you are well prepared. See what Pollux can do for you concerning housing, transport and job offers.

Pollux employment agency

In the Netherlands you have the opportunity to work via an employment agency such as Pollux. Pollux is an intermediary between the company and employee. As soon as a company we cooperate with, makes it known that they have jobs available, we communicate this through various channels. The job offers are updated weekly so it is always up-to-date .

If there is a job offer that suits you, you can register or apply for a job. By means of a telephone intake interview, we check whether you are suitable for the job.

When you start working at a company, Pollux is still your employer. This means that we pay your salary.

Working via Pollux

There are many employment agencies in the Netherlands. It is therefore difficult to choose via which employment agency you want to work. Working via Pollux has many advantages:

  • 1. You receive every 4 weeks salary
  • 2. You will work for top clients
  • 3. We offer housing
  • 4. We offer transportation
  • 5. Room for personal growth


Pollux is a member of NBBU (Dutch Association of Mediation and Employment Agencies). This guarantees you that you will work according to laws and regulations.

The following video from the NBBU explains once again how an employment agency works in the Netherlands and what to look out for if you want to work in the Netherlands.

Check out the video below for more information why you should do business with an NBBU agency.

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