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Working in an honest and safe way

There are more than 6,000 employment agencies in the Netherlands. This makes it difficult to find a reliable employment agency. When selecting an employment agency there are several aspects that you have to take into account. Keep reading to find out what these aspects are and why Pollux is a good partner to work with.

The SZW₁, in collaboration with industry parties NBBU₂ and ABU₃ and with SNA₄ and SNCU₅, has compiled a checklist for companies that want to work with employment agencies. The checklist helps you to recognize a fair and reliable employment agency.

Pollux as a reliable temporary employment agency

One of the characteristics of a reliable employment agency is being registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being registered, it is also mandatory to mention that you have temporary workers ready to start working.

Pollux has a Chamber of Commerce number and several memberships and certifications. One of these certifications is the quality mark of SNA (Labor Standards Foundation). This quality mark is even required by some collective agreements. As Pollux complies with the requirements of the quality mark, the risk is limited for you that you are held liable for unpaid wage tax and VAT.

The SNA quality mark

The SNA checks Dutch employment agencies in accordance with the NEN 4400-1 standard. During the inspection, it is checked whether an employment agency adheres to the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act, but also whether they apply the correct collective agreement. In addition, the identification obligation is also checked and it is checked whether the invoice is correctly invoiced. There are legal requirements that an invoice must meet. An invoice must include the Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and address. The above are statutory requirements that Pollux strictly adheres to.


Branch organizations impose requirements on their members, check whether they comply with the CAO and help with expertise promotion. Once an employment agency is a member of an industry organization and has the right certifications, you can assume that it is a reliable employment agency.
The collective agreement for temporary employees indicates that temporary employees must receive the same wage as employees who are employed and do the same work. This must be at least the statutory minimum wage. Pollux, together with the client, ensures that the collective agreement for temporary employees is complied with. In order for this cooperation to work smoothly, the temporary employment agency must know what kind of wage your employees receive. Inform the employment agency in writing about the following schemes:

  • Gross salary
  • ATV or ADV
  • Surcharges for overtime and irregular hours
  • Travel allowance / expense allowance
  • Periodicals

What could you do yourself?

There are still a number of things that you have to take into account yourself. One of these matters is to check the identity of temporary employees to prevent identity fraud. You are required to verify the identity before someone starts working. Pollux checks the identity of everyone who wants to register to work in the Netherlands. This is done through Securitech’s Document Scanner that checks identity documents for 7 security features. As soon as this check shows that the identity is not correct, the person will not be registered.

In addition, together with the temporary employment agency, you must ensure that temporary workers receive a healthy and safe workplace. If an accident happens, you are responsible. Pollux helps you by offering S3 work shoes for temporary employees. In addition, Pollux provides the temporary employees with information about safety instructions and the Health & Safety checklist. If you want more personal protection equipment, we would like to think along with you.

More information

Would you like more information about Pollux or would you like to make an appointment without obligation? Please contact one of our account managers.


SZW: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
NBBU: Dutch Association of Mediation and Employment Agencies
ABU: General Bond Employment Agencies
SNA: Labor Standards Foundation
SNCU: Compliance collective agreement for temporary Employees

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