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Uitzendkrachten voor uw organisatie?

Temporary workers: how does it exactly work?

As a company, you can choose to hire temporary workers. It’s an effective solution if you want more flexibility within your business. There are a number of factors you should keep in mind when using our business services. In this article we elaborate on the responsibilities of the client, the employment contract and the benefits that the employment of a temporary worker entails for you as a company.


When employing temporary workers, it is important to know that they are not employed by you but employed by the employment agency. This means that you are not the employer but the client. The employment agency is therefore responsible for payment of salary, assignment of tax contributions and taxes, granting holiday days, payment in case of sickness and the submission of the annual report.
Which responsibilities do you have as a client? You are responsible for checking the number of hours worked and check the agency for approval of the hours. Some companies work a digital clock system, others use workslips. Whatever you prefere.
You also are responsible for the working conditions within your company. If a temporary worker performs risky work, you are required to report this to the employment agency.

Temporary work agreement

When employing temporary workers, there is no employment contract but a temporary employment contract. Most employment agencies, including Pollux, accommodate their staff in phases. This is called the phase system. The phase in which a temporary worker is employed depends on the number of weeks he / she works for the employment agency. The longer one works for the employment agency, the more rights they will establish.
For you as a company it is possible to terminate the employment contract at any time, provided that it occurs in the first working year. At that time, the agreement between the employment agency and the temporary worker automatically ends. equally, if the temporary worker for any reason does not want to work for you any longer, he or she can terminate the agreement. In case the temporary worker becomes disabled, the employment contract terminates immediately according to the ABU CAO.

Equality principle

A temporary worker has the same rights in your organization as a permanent employee. A temporary worker therefore also has the right to the same salary as your permanent staff (with the same age, function, etc.). Important to know: You pay the employment agency, not the temporary worker. The same applies to the additional fees you grant to your permanent employees.

Benefits for you

Employing temporary workers within your organization has many advantages. You can decide when to employ a temporary worker, for example when approaching a busy period. This creates flexibility within your organization. In addition, you can always terminate the employment contract, even in case of illness or disability of a temporary worker. You do not have to pay any wages. Another advantage is that you do not have to perform a recruitment process yourself. This is done by the employment agency. This will save you time as well as money.

If you still have questions about temporary workers and what it can do for you? Please contact us. Call us or send your e-mail to info@pollux.nl. If it’s more convenient for you, submit a callback request and we will contact you soon.

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