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15 jaar Pollux

Pollux 15 years

Pollux 15 years, we are happy to tell you our story

The owners of Pollux, Grzegorz Pawnuk and Henriette Petersen, once had the dream of starting their own business. 15 years ago the establishment of Pollux became a fact.

At least, the name Pollux still had to be thought of. Various names were reviewed, such as Jetworks and P3 (Pawnuk, Petersen and Staff). Eventually Pollux was chosen, which also has an Astrological meaning. Henriette is a twin, just like Pollux is a twin with Castor. Grzegorz and Henriette are also with two, which made the choice easy: Pollux became the name.

What started as an office with two desks, a received printer, an old laptop and computer, has grown after 15 years into a thriving organization with several offices in Poland and one head office in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

1500 employees

Fifteen years ago, Pollux started with nine Polish temporary workers at a steel company. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands around 1500 employees work at different clients in different industries every day. In Poland too, around 2000 motivated employees are working day in and day out.

Many changes have taken place in the intervening years that have made Pollux where it is today. The relocations of a small home office, to the Borchwerf, to another (larger) location on Borchwerf and since 2012 to the beautiful building on the Ettenseweg, characterize the growth that Pollux has experienced in recent years.

Always looking for something new

But Grzegorz and Henriette are always looking for something new. In 2012 they opened the doors of the beautiful hotel, Pałac Jugowice in Poland. Two reliable no-nonsense entrepreneurs, what you see is what you get, straightforward and no frills. All these things have made Pollux great. “Of course there are things that we had done differently, but damage and shame make you wise. If we had not failed, we would not have learned.” said Henriette.

Own accommodation

Grzegorz and Henriette thought it was important to offer her employees a home. In 2018 they opened their own accommodation in Nispen, a new-build complex with 90 living studios that offers 180 temporary workers a nice place to live. The purchase of a housing location in Ossendrecht followed in 2019. This location has been completely refurbished and now also offers a home for employees.

Pollux 15 years

This brings us to 2020, the year that Pollux has been around for 15 years. One thing is clear, Grzegorz and Henriette are always looking for a new challenge.

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