Jan 16

Logistic employees

Website Ingram Micro

Fulltime | Immediately | €10,20*

Job description

As a logistic assistant, you’re working for major clients in a large warehouse in Waalwijk. You’re responsible for collecting and preparing orders. You’ll collect and process all orders together with an enthusiastic team. You are the important link between an order and the delivery to the customer.

What do we offer you?

  • €10,20 hourly wage if your’re older than 21 years
  • Extra 50% for working hours in the weekend
  • Extra 10% for working hours in the evening
  • Extra 25% for working hours in the night
  • Extra 50% for working hours during holidays
  • Experience and working with major clients
  • Personal contact person on location for all your questions / comments

Who are you?

  • There is no experience required
  • You are motivated to get started
  • English, Dutch can you speak very well
  • You flexible and stress-resistant
  • You are physically fit to do this work
  • Working in the evening or night doesn’t bother you


On your first working day Ingram Micro will determine in which department you will work. This can be in one of the following sections:

• Order picking
• Packing and repacking
• Receipt goods
• Putaway

You will spend your first two working days following a training from the relevant department.

Who are we?

Pollux is an employment agency that focuses on the deployment of motivated and qualified personnel in the international labor market. For you as a temporary worker this means that you get started with one of our clients. This may be for a longer period, but it can also be for a short time. Working at Pollux gives you a lot of certainty:

  • We offer various (practical) training courses to develop your personal growth.
  • We are transparent, which means that you can find information about your work, salary and personal information online within Flexportal.

The company

Ingram Micro helps companies to carry out their services. In this case for Bol.com they manage the full distribution. This means that they are engaged in loading / unloading goods to complete the entire order of the customers.

Please note: for people with a nationality from a country that is not a member of the EU or EEA, other rules have been drawn up to work in the Netherlands. For more information, click here


Are you interested in this job as a logistics employee at Ingram Micro in Waalwijk? Then contact us! You can email us at cv@pollux.nl. Do not forget to send your resume to us. We strive to contact you within one working day!


To apply for this job email your details to cv@pollux.nl