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Help with setting up a good CV

The preparation of setting up a good CV is an essential part for applying to vacancies. The curriculum vitae is a document that lists your personal qualities and experiences. A CV is also seen as a kind of business card, but then related to the personal aspect. A Good CV is unique, complete and attracts your attention. In this article we explain which parts are important for a good CV.


Always start your CV with your personal data. Include your name, home address and age. To create a simple view you can use a listing with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • City
  • Phone number (private/mobile)
  • E-mail address
  • Driver’s license

Do you want to attract attention immediately? Give a little more information about yourself with a short text. Explain who you are, what your ambition is and which words describe you the best. In this way, someone who reads your CV immediately has more information about you.


Experience is important many recruiters. Make sure you have a chronological list where you start with your latest job and ends with your first job/experience. Be complete, honest and write this as short as possible. What function did you fulfilled at the organization and in which time?
Are you new on the labor market and you do have little experience? Mention relevant internships or projects that you’ve worked on that can be useful for the job you’re applying for.


With this aspect you also work from the present to the past. Start with your last completed course. Mention which courses you have completed, the institution, type of education, study period and the obtained diplomas. It’s certainly interesting to add some relevant trainings and additional studies.

Competences & Skills

Recruiters are especially looking at your competences and skills. This part is becoming more important nowadays. It’s about describing your qualities as a colleague, but also about the obtained skills from your work experience. These competences are unique to everyone. It reflects who you are.
Avoid mentioning your competences with vague terms. Be as concrete as possible, because your competences must be unique compared to other candidates.

Language skills

We do have globalization. This means that the language skills can give an extra reason to invite a candidate for a meeting. For many vacancies you have to have knowledge of at least 2 different languages. It’s wise to mention in which degree you understand a different language. This prevents misunderstandings and shows that you can reflect yourself.

Design & Length

Finally, you stand out by choosing a unique layout or design. Don’t make your CV too busy and provide a clear overview. A good CV consists a maximum of 2 or 3 pages. If your CV is above this amount, then you have to delete and shorten your CV.

After reading this article you are informed very well and you can set up a good CV by yourself. Do you have a good CV and you’re looking for work? Then send your CV to cv@pollux.nl We are happy to help you!

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