Strict adherence to laws and regulations ensures that the quality of our business is extremely high. Providing reliability, security and quality results in delivering the right conditions and services. For us, certification is self-evident .

A few of our most important memberships and certificates are:[/vc_column_text]


NBBU - Certificeringen | Pollux Uitzendbureau


The Dutch Board of Mediation and staffing organizations reviews Pollux on professional knowledge, on the correct application of the NBBU collective agreements, on quality of administration and on our knowledge of legislation.

With this flexible collective agreement, staff can be posted for a period of 130 weeks with temporary employment and without a payroll obligation when there is no work. In addition, the NBBU CAO uses the wage applicable in the particular sector from day one. This prevents inequalities in the workplace between permanent employees and temporary workers.

SNA - Certificeringen | Pollux Uitzendbureau


The certification of labelling organization ‘Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNF)’ is obligatory for all NBBU members. This sets out the financial and administrative criteria that a bona fide (temporary) employment agency must meet.

It makes lending work and outsourcing work a lot easier and safer. Pollux is assessed, inter alia, by the SNA certificate, on its obligations regarding the declaration and payment of payroll taxes and sales tax, statutory minimum wages and holiday allowances, liability and conducting checks on both identity and entitlement to do labor in the Netherlands .

SNF - Stichting Normering Flexwonen - Certificeringen | Pollux Uitzendbureau


Members of the General Board of employment companies and the NBBU, which provide housing for their own foreign workers, must comply with strict housing standards. This is what Pollux is doing.

An independent institution checks whether these criteria are respected by members. If these requirements are met, they may use the badge ‘Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF)’ at their accommodation locations.

Regarding the housing of our employees, Pollux works with PLT B.V. All properties of PLT B.V. Comply with strict housing standards of the ‘SNF’ certification mark.

SKA Vlees- Certificeringen | Pollux Uitzendbureau


The ‘SKA Vlees’ is intended for anyone active in the meat sector.

Clients obligate themselves to work with certified contractors only. The SKA (Foundation for Quality of Labor) is the initiator of the project. The foundation ‘Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNF)’ manages the SKA’s Meat Register.