Sep 04
7 tips voor het solliciteren naar een vaste baan

7 Useful tips to obtain a job!

7 Useful tips to obtain a permanent job!

Getting a permanent job requires a lot of time and effort. Not just for you, but for your employer as well, these 7 tips will help you get started to increase the chance of a (permanent) job. The job you want so much!

1. Make sure you read the job vacancy thoroughly

Well begun is half done: Read the job vacancy well! Consider if the vacancy matches your needs, but especially if it fits your education or work experience. Do you know all about the job you are applying for? If not, contact the company. This will ensure that you have understood all about the vacancy.

2. Write a catchy application letter

By writing a catchy application letter, you’ll make sure that you will be noticed between all other letters. You’ll stand out writing a brief and personal letter which clarifies why this particular jobs suits you so well. You must convince the client that you are the most suitable candidate for the job.

3. Let your CV stand out

Of course you want to point out all important milestones on your resume. Also be sharp and concise. Client are often too busy to read everything accurately. Provide a CV where everything is organized clearly. Your CV contains this information:
• Personal information
• Work experience
• Training and courses
• Relevant information regarding job vacancy (driving license, language skills, etc.)

4. Social Media

Social media is everywhere, very likely your intended employer uses it as well. Although social media is very useful, it can also be a pitfall. Is your profile public? Imagine which pictures of you are online. Determine if this may be harmful during the application process. It is advisable not to fully publicize your profile.

5. Prepare yourself for your job interview.

Apart from reading the job vacancy carefully, the preparation for the interview is essential. Consider what questions you can expect and make sure you have an appropriate answer in advance. Know what is expected of you when you will perform in the function you apply for. Know the company from the inside. In which industry are they working, what are the latest developments that are important to the company? Make sure you’ll be well prepared before going into the interview!

6. Be yourself during your job interview

It’s normal to be a little nervous during your interview. Stay in your comfort zone during the interview and make sure you dress appropriate for the occasion. We have already given some tips about the appropriate application outfit. Show initiative during the conversation and show that you are motivated to get started. You must convince the client that you are the most suitable candidate. And you do best by being yourself!

7. Keep track of the follow-up procedure

Job application does not end after the job interview. Make sure you are aware of the follow-up procedure. What are the appointments made? Contact your intended employer when you didn’t get feedback on your interview. Upon contact the company will know you are really motivated to get to work!

Job application is not easy, but hopefully these seven tips can help you increase your chances of a permanent job. If it does not work at once, don’t panic! You can always ask for feedback on the reason why you didn’t get the job and use this information to improve yourself in future chances. Good luck in landing a permanent job!

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