We maintain the quality of our operations at a very high level through strict adherenceto laws and regulations. Reliability, safety and quality can only be offered with the rightprerequisites and facilities. This is why we consider certification to be of the utmostimportance. We are certified by or affiliated with:


The Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies [Nederlandse Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen - NBBU] inspects Pollux for professional knowledge and correct application of the NBBU Collective Labour Agreement CAO as well as for the quality of administration and knowledge of legislation.

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The Quality Mark of the Standards of the Labour Regulation Association [Stichting NormeringArbeid SNA] is mandatory for all NBBU members. It sets out the financial and administrativecriteria that a bona fide employment agency must meet. This makes hiring andcommissioning much easier and safer.

Pollux is assessed with the SNA quality mark for, among other things, the application of legalwages, the granting of holiday pay and legal liability. In addition, the company's obligationsto declare and pay payroll taxes and sales tax due are assessed, as well as to carry outchecks on both identity and the right to work in the Netherlands.

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Members of the Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies [Algemene BondUitzendondernemingen - ABU] and the NBBU who provide their own housing to labourmigrants must comply with strict housing standards. This also applies to Pollux.

An independent institution checks whether members meet these criteria. If they meet therequirements, they can use the sticker of the Association for the Regulation of TemporaryWorkers' Accommodation [Stichting Normering Flexwonen - SNF] on their housing.

To ensure good quality housing, Pollux works with PLT B.V. Their flats are usually muchbetter than the strict housing standards of the SNF quality mark. This is a certificaterecognised by the Dutch government.

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