Good housing contributes to your well-being

We place great importance on the well-being of our employees. After all, a good work-life balance makes you function better at work. In this context, housing is a basic condition. With optimum housing satisfaction, you feel better, and this contributes to your work-life balance. It provides peace of mind, and that is good for you.

Do you live outside the Netherlands and come to us to work? Then we can arrange accommodation for you. Of course this is not obligatory, you can also find your own accommodation. Our accommodation varies in size. In addition to a number of small houses, we also manage several large accommodation facilities consisting of studios. All our flats are well maintained, in excellent condition and equipped with all modern amenities.

We would like to accommodate you as a temporary worker as close as possible to your place of work so that you feel at home.

To ensure good quality housing, Pollux works with PLT B.V. Their flats are usually much better than the strict housing standards of the SNF quality mark (Stichting Normering Flexwonen). This is a certificate recognised by the Dutch government. Do you have ideas or opinions about our flats? Let us know about it!